Rental Space

More than 170 000 square feet of rental space

With its adaptable multiunit buildings and  the  cost-sharing services offered by its Business Center, the High Tech Park offers businesses a variety of rental options.  What’s more, our team is available to facilitate your negotiations with the owners of multi-unit buildings located in the area.  Their job is to ensure that the facilities correspond to the needs of the technology businesses that join the High Tech Park business community.

Are you eligible?

The high Tech Park gives priority to innovative companies and research centers implementing or using the techniques, technologies or processes developed and / or devoting a significant part of their business to research and development.  Consulting firms whose activities are principally directed to technical support for technology companies are also eligible.

The selection process is based on a policy of eligibility respecting the specialization of the territory and a community of common motives and similar profiles in order to promote meetings, exchanges, cooperation and, of course,  innovation.

For additional details on eligibility please contact us.


Scientific real estate calls for a perfect match between the actual building and the prospected company needs. Over the years, we have developed a state-of-the-art process to quickly and efficiently answer your specific needs through our multidisciplinary dedicated team of architects, engineers, builders and financiers that understand the full spectrum of real estate development in a scientific context. Our clients can therefore choose the type of building use which best answer their real estate and financial profile.