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SiliCycle remporte le prix PME du Gala d'Excellence Économique Canada-Europe

Grand prix pour SiliCycle

par Kareen Goupil, le 15 juin 2017

Jeudi 25 mai, SiliCycle remportait le grand prix "PME" (entreprises de 500 employés et moins) dans le cadre du concours pancanadien organisé par la Chambre Économique Canada-Europe

On Thursday, May 25, SiliCycle won the "SME" (companies with 500 or fewer employees) Grand Prize as part of the Canada-Europe Economic Chamber's Canada-wide competition.

At the Canada-Europe Economic Excellence Gala, SiliCycle's President Hugo St-Laurent and Vice President Sales, Raif Kadri, received this award on behalf of all employees who contribute to SiliCycle's success in Europe.
SiliCycle's candidacy stood out among the hundred other ones that were received. The fact that SiliCycle sells its products and services in 21 of the 28 countries of Europe was a decisive factor.




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