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2500, boul. du Parc-Technologique
Québec, Québec
G1P 4S6

Telephone : 418 874-0054
Fax : 418 874-0355


After 7 years of research work, SiliCycle was created in 1995 by young Quebec university graduates. In April 2009, the same founding entrepreneurs and 55 employees set up in their own building of 28 000 sq. ft. in the Quebec Metro High Tech Park—A happy conclusion to a construction project and purchases of equipment for a combined total of $9 million.

Specialized in the manufacture of silica based chemical products for the pharmaceutical industry, the company has experienced rapid growth over the last years. It has more than 1500 clients through direct sales as well as a solid distribution network throughout 80 countries around the world.

SiliCycle owes its reputation notably to its Ultrapure Silica Gels for the chromatography, its plates TLC, its HPLC columns, its spherical silica gels, as well as over a hundred functionalized silica gels. Its unique method and specialized production of silica based metal sensors "Scavengers", provides a powerful tool for organic synthesis. What’s more, for the coming years, the products recently developed by SiliCycle will give it an important advance in both the field of research and the production of medicine.

The company also offers CRO / CMO services to all pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food industries. Its key strengths reside in organic chemistry, chemistry of materials, extraction / purification of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). The technological initiatives it has supported over the last few years have led to the creation of a number of startups such as Mirapakon, Total Ocean, Shaman Extraction, and the strengthening of RV2 Technologies, GBR, Paul & Fliss, all of which companies are part of the SiliCycle Group.

SiliCycle is expanding and constantly looking for motivated and talented people.